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Kirk & Riley Septic Service, Inc.- Septic Polk City, FL
Septic tank installation

Top-of-the-line repairs for your septic tank!

Whether you need new parts for your septic system or are in need of a new septic tank, the knowledgeable professionals at Kirk & Riley Septic Service, Inc. will carefully and expertly assess any deterioration or damage.


We pride ourselves in providing you with the best low-cost, affordable, quality full-septic tank services. If you ever experience any problems, we will correct the wrong with your septic tank in the easiest and least expensive manner!

Your septic tank problem is our problem. Don't let your septic tank cause you to miss a day's work. We handle all repairs, safely and quickly!

When emergencies happen, call the experts!

•  Septic tank complete repair or replacement

•  Jetting and power snaking

•  Pipe repairs

•  Pipe replacements

•  Baffle repairs

Live happy with a new or replaced septic tank!


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